4th Avenue Market Place

Hours of Operation – Summer Hours
Daily – 9am-7pm

Located in Ship Creek Center, the 4th Avenue Market Place is a unique shopping venue featuring Alaska’s largest display of the 1964 Earthquake, larger-than-life Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race™ murals, Tlingit bear totem pole and a permanent art exhibit featuring the full collection of 63 Alaska prints by Alaskan artist Fred Machetanz (1908 – 2002).
In addition to the Alaska Experience Theatre, the 4th Avenue Market Place is home to retail shops, restaurants and coffee shops and features Alaskan native shows, artist demonstrations, and live music in summer.

Alaska Native Dance

The 4th Avenue Market Place hosts a cultural dance show three times a week, June 1 – August 31. Feel the drums pulse while Alaskan natives dance to the beat in full regalia.

Alaska Veterans Museum


Explore Alaska’s military history, where every one of the five Armed Services has had a role in governing and shaping Alaska. See the individual stories of Alaska’s Servicemen and Women and help us to honor their service and sacrifice!Alaska Veterans Museum

Alaska Fur Enterprise & Jewelry by Judith “Stephanie” Magnus

Alaska Fur: 907-274-4015

Stephanie: 907-444-4937Alaska Fur Enterprise

Anchorage Downtown Tour Group

907-748-0192 Downtown Tour Group

Muffy’s Flowers & Gifts

Muffys Flowers & Gifts

Muffy’s Flowers & Gifts: 907-726-1456

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